Paul Jebe
Paul Jebe
I started my music degree work at North Texas State University (now the University of North Texas). While there, I learned the art of making marimba mallets, which would lead me to creating a small company, JB Mallets, and manufacturing marimba, timpani and other various mallets for 14 years. This is also when I met Chris Crockarell, who also became a business entrepreneur with Row-Loff Productions. I finished my degree at the University of Northern Colorado and then stepped into the classroom for nine years.

I obtained a Master's Degree in Educational Leadership and moved onto being a school administrator, serving as a principal of two different schools for the next nine years. I have worked for the Colorado Dept. of Education and am currently an Area Director for Site Leadership in Mesa District 51 in Grand Junction, Colorado. I still have a passion for music and find it interesting that across the country we are trying to make core content classrooms function in a more performance-based way - just like a good music classroom already does. Keep up the good work music educators!
Works By Paul Jebe
Item:9402 | Cuban Breeze | by Paul Jebe
Easy Marching Feature

Item:01CS8 | Montunosis | by Paul Jebe
Advanced Percussion Ensemble w/Rhythm Section

Item:94CS11 | On The Horizon | by Paul Jebe
Advanced Concert Ensemble

Item:97CS10 | Sambach | arr. Paul Jebe
Advanced Concert Ensemble

Viva Los Mazos | by Paul Jebe
From the Malletsicles Collection (not sold individually)

Item:94CS4 | Xylatin | by Paul Jebe
Easy-Medium Concert Ensemble

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