P. Dodsworth
P. Dodsworth
(DOB - Unknown...Life #5)
Dods has been prowling for Row-Loff for over 5 years.

He was an original member with The Birds, The Mamas and The Paw'pas, Earth, Wind & Feline as well as lead guitarist for The Stray Cats.

Dodsworth enjoys sleeping, playing with squirrels, playing with mice, playing with mice and squirrels, watching mice and squirrels sleep and... eating.

His favorite book is "Of Mice and Cats" and typically bathes himself with no assistance from humans.

P. Dodsworth currently resides within a 200 yard radius of Row-Loff Productions corporate headquarters in Nashville, TN. If you think he's a "cute kitty"... believe us when we say, he doesn't care.
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