By Julie Davila, Thom Hannum, Jeff Prosperie, Jim White
A Conversation in Snare Soloing

Redefining Snare Performance Aptitude melds contemporary and rudimental styles into an exciting collection of musical expression. These creative new works are complemented with energetic MP3 audio accompaniment to create a new genre of soloing. Each solo offers a complete musical performance experience with compositional elements providing multi-level musical and technical challenges. The book features virtually all styles of soloing, and its well-crafted compositions streamline the challenges of making music.


  • Multiple real-time camera angles enhance learning
  • Main-cut movie offers 3 camera angles
  • Multiple audio tracks
    • solo snare
    • snare & accompaniment
    • accompaniment only

MP3 Play-Along Tracks
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  • Solo accompaniment in 3 tempos assists tempo control
  • Main stereo mix at performance tempo
  • 2 slower-paced performance/practice tempos with click track. Mono mix enables panning to eliminate click.

Multimedia Learning Tools

Observing a pro is one of the best ways to learn. Educator Jeff Prosperie, a champion snare drummer, performs each solo in the accompanying DVD so that students may study and play along with the performer. The result is an exceptional visual and audio tool that provides insights and solutions for each composition's technical requirements. Students may switch to any of three camera angles at any point during a solo to examine stroke heights, hand positions and visual techniques.

The MP3's features eight audio tracks to accompany and enhance the performing experience of the Aptitude compositions. Each has been recorded at three tempos: two with a metronome click at a slow tempo, the third at performance tempo. At slower tempos, the student may remove the click by panning the music to one channel. Each solo stands on its own, but MP3 accompaniments offer multi-dimensional, educational musical experiences.

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