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Compiled By: Paul Rennick
A Drum Corps Cadence Collection

Ever wanted to get your hands on the actual cadences played by the real drum corps?

Now thanks to Paul Rennick, Jim Yakas, J.J. Pipitone, Tom Aungst, Charley Poole, Allen Joanis, Shawn Schietroma and Hawley Gary... you can!

This collection includes cadences played by:

  • Glassmen (1999)
  • Madison Scouts (1999)
  • Carolina Crown (1998-'00)
  • Phantom Regiment (1985-'86)
  • Cadets of Bergen County (1987-1993)
  • Canton Bluecoats (1999)
  • 27th Lancers (1977-'86)
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Price: $30.00
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Phantom Regiment 1985-1986
Cadets 1987-1993
Carolina Crown 1998-2000
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