Field Level
By Mike Lynch & Scott Brown
Percussion Instructors: 2x National Champion, Lassiter H. S. Band

Complete Band Director's Guide for the marching percussion section. This 216 page manual will guide you through every topic there is to help you & your percussionists build a well-balanced and competitive drum-line.

Included is a CD-Rom containing the music audio as well as printable PDF parts for the entire ensemble.

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A Brief Breakdown:


Unit One: Rehearsal techniques & common-sense rules.

Unit Two: The Front Ensemble including set-up, a thorough description of the keyboards, grips (including 4-mallets) & maintenance. Electronics in the front ensemble as well as a complete timpani tutorial. Technique & descriptions for accessory percussion instruments.

Unit Three: The Battery Section! Tuning, technique & maintenace for the snare drum, tenors, bass drums & crash cymbals. (With a brief section on cymbal visuals!)

Unit Four: A comprehensive exercise program for the complete ensemble.

Unit Five: Cadence and stand grooves for the drum-line.

Comments about "Field Level"

"Finally it's here!!! A Band Director's guide for Marching Percussion, and its about time! Everything is covered, from the Front Ensemble through all segments in the Battery Section with techniques and exercises, as well as information on the proper care and maintenance for all the instruments. You can't ask for any more than what is offered in this book!!! Check out the photos to back up the clear, concise instruction, as well as the CD-Rom with audio files and printable PDF parts for all exercises!! And a great list of reference material to back everything up. The compiled information from Mike and Scott is a MUST for every band director's library. And for you Drum Instructors as well!!"
Ralph Hardimon - Former Director of Percussion, Santa Clara Vanguard Drum and Bugle Corps
Former Arranger and Coordinator, Blue Knights Drum and Bugle Corps
DCI Hall Of Fame

"Field Level is a must for every band director's library. This book is not only a complete text for the marching percussion ensemble, but is also an invaluable tool for the concert band program. It has my highest endorsement."
Alfred Watkins - Director of Bands, Lassiter High School in Marietta Georgia

"Mike Lynch and Scott Brown have a great history of success with the percussion programs that they have instructed. Their experience and success form the foundation to this exceptional publication. This text is so comprehensive that I believe every band director and percussion instructor could benefit from having it!"
Neil Larrivee - Education Director, Vic Firth Sticks and Mallets Pit Arranger and Director
Cadets Drum and Bugle Corps

"Field Level is a must for any band director or percussion student. Mike Lynch and Scott Brown have put together a comprehensive and informative book that will assist the band director or percussion instructor in developing their own marching percussion program. The exercises are an excellent tool to help build facility and technique. The cadences and stand tunes are just plain fun and a tremendous bonus to this book. Now everyone can get a glimpse into one of the most successful high school percussion programs around. I would highly recommend this book to anyone interested in building a great marching percussion section."
Clint Gillespie - Assistant Director of Bands, Jacksonville State University
Percussion Arranger and Caption Head, Spirit Drum and Bugle Corps

"Mike Lynch and Scott Brown have written an indispensable text for today's percussion educators--no percussion methods class should be without it! Perfect for the junior high, high school, or collegiate instructor or staff--congratulations, and thank you for sharing your award-winning philosophies and methods with us!"
Dr. John Parks - Assistant Professor of Percussion, Florida State University

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