Impressions On Wood
By Julie Davila
Inspire young sensitive musicians to productive music making..
A collection of 10 intermediate four mallet solos for the marimba. Lesson plans precede each solo and MP3 downloads of all 10 solos are included with the book.
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  • Jonathan's Light
  • Suenos
  • Mango Bay
  • Full Moon Rising
  • Tango
  • Impressions
  • Mystic Fire
  • La Cancion
  • Through the Looking Glass
    (marimba/vibe duet)
  • Salsa Verde (includes percussion)

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Comments about "Impressions On Wood"

“Never over written, always musical, melodic and enchanting, these works will delight young sensitive musicians and inspire them to productive music making. Julie has created a body of work that will encourage musicianship, memorization and technical advancement. They are, singly or in tandem, perfect recital pieces each with its musical and technical demands. And by the way, I'd love to hear mature artists play these works.”
Robin Engelman - Member of Nexus

“This is what the marimba world has been waiting for. Great pieces to play on concerts that are fun and challenging. The variation with themes and style gives you a great experience in the musical world. I am looking forward to hearing these pieces performed around the world. Basta halsnigar."
Anders Astrand - Percussion Artist and Composer

“The pieces in this book are exciting, new age and great for technique development, most importantly -- they are so much fun!"
She-e Wu - Chair of Percussion Studies at Rutger's University International Marimba Artist

“Julie Davila’s Impressions on Wood has filled in a much-needed body of repertoire for intermediate percussionists looking for short recital pieces. These works introduce technical challenges while maintaining beautiful, lyrical melodies and form. It is nice to see a book that contains a logical and well-conceived pedagogical approach while adding to the marimba literature base."
Dr. Michael Gould - University of Michigan

“Musical, accessible and challenging describe Impressions On Wood. These marimba solos and the lesson plans will definitely enhance the progress of the intermediate marimba player."
John H. Beck - Professor of Percussion Eastman School of Music

“These short pieces and exercises are ideal for developing technique and introducing musical issues to the young student. The works are wonderfully written and beautifully played. The artistry in the accompanying performances is to be admired! Although these pieces are intended for intermediate players, they are musical and expressive enough to be performed by artists of any level."
Dr. Andy Harnsberger - Marimba Artist and Educator
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