Inspirations 4 Mallets
by Julie Davila
An ear-pleasing collection of 9 solos for marimba & vibraphone.
One selection (Boundless) works as a marimba/vibraphone duet but can also stand alone for solo performance.
As with Impressions On Wood, lesson plans precede each solo as well as a fresher on "Grip Check Points" and sticking permutation ideas!
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Comments about "Inspirations 4 Mallets"

"This collection of solo mallet works is perfect for any beginning to intermediate percussionist developing their 4-mallet techniques. The length of these works are ideal and attainable. The variety in the technical focuses from piece to piece is brilliant"
Gifford Howarth

"Julie Davila has once again created a wonderful collection of keyboard solos that combine musicality, technical development and melodic variety."
Dr. Brian Zator

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