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IN No: 4
El Muchacho Cinco
Item: 00CS4
Price: 30.00
by Ed Argenziano
Level: Grade 5     Players: 5     Length: 2:51    

Instrumentation: Brake Drum, (2) Congas, Hi Hat, Snare Drum, (5) Temple Blocks, Concert Bass Drum, Triangle, (4) Concert Toms, (4) Timpani, Splash Cymbal, 14" Cymbal, (2) 16" Cymbals, 18" Cymbal
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download mp3
IN No: 50
On The Horizon
Item: 94CS11
Price: 40.00
by Paul Jebe
Level: Grade 5     Players: 6 - 8     Length: 3:12    

Instrumentation: Snare Drum, Triangle, (4) Tonal Drums, Bells, Xylophone, Piano, Tambourine, Hi Hat, Suspended Cymbal, Cowbell
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download mp3
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