Kyle J. Maxwell-Doherty

Kyle J. Maxwell-Doherty

Kyle J. Maxwell-Doherty began studying percussion at a young age and continued to do so while receiving a Bachelor of Music degree at Concordia College – Moorhead, MN. He currently resides in Tucson Arizona where he received a Masters Degree in Performance from the University of Arizona while a student of Dr. Norman Weinberg and continues to live in Tucson while pursuing a Doctor of Musical Arts degree where he serves as the Director of The Rosewood Marimba Band and a Graduate Teaching Assistant to the Dance Department as Modern Dance Percussion Accompanist.

Kyle currently performs regularly across the southwest with The Rosewood Marimba Band, the Malleus Ensemble, Atlas Percussion with percussionists Scott Shinbara and Alex Wier, Substitute with musician Daniel Howarth, and Apastron with Saxophonist Adam Risch. Most recently he performed at the 2013 Bob McCormick Marimba Festival at the University of South Florida with members of The Rosewood Marimba Band and was featured on the Solo Marimba evening concert performing Jacob Druckman’s Reflections on the Nature of Water.

Kyle is currently collaborating on projects with c.i.t.i.o.n (Joshua Michael Carro) a sound artist based out of Phoenix on his Percussion and Live Electronics composition Of Cycling Light, and Norman Weinberg on a recording of his composition Beijing as well as Rapido! Winner Charles Zoll on a project featuring “ancient instruments” where Kyle will provide music set to text on the Ghanaian Gyil. Additionally, he recently served as composer for John Streit IV’s dance choreography titled Banana Cheers, Musical assistant for Nichol Masons’ M.F.A. Choreography performance titled Caught and Musical Director for Miss Delyer Anderson’s M.F.A. Choreography performance titled Conditions: Human.

He is thankful for many of his teachers including, Dr. Norman Weinberg, Dr. David Eyler, Bob Becker, Bernard Woma, Stephen Ridley, Matthew Altmire, Dr. Craig Walsh, and Dr. Steven Makela. In May, Kyle will be moving to Manhattan to pursue work as a Dance Accompanist and will be performing at the 2013 Keigwin+Company Dance Intensive where he will be serving as percussion accompanist for their technique classes.

Works by Kyle J. Maxwell-Doherty