Robert Clayson

Robert Clayson

Robert Clayson currently serves as a Lecturer of Music for the Troy University John M. Long School of Music. His duties at Troy University include teaching private lessons, teaching music theory and aural skills classes, and providing instruction for the “Sound of the South” Marching Percussion Section. Mr. Clayson earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Music Education from Troy University in 2015 and his Master’s Degree in Percussion Performance from Indiana University in 2017.

As a performer, Mr. Clayson is an active member of several regional orchestras across the Southeastern United States, including the LaGrange Symphony Orchestra and the Northwest Florida Symphony Orchestra. In 2012, Mr. Clayson performed with the Troy University Percussion Ensemble at the Percussive Arts Society International Convention as a member of the winning ensemble in the International Percussion Ensemble Competition. Mr. Clayson is an award-winning percussionist whose solo performances have been recognized and across the nation. In 2013, he received first place in the Percussive Arts Society Marching Festival Individual Collegiate Keyboard Competition, and he received first place in the 2017 Indiana Day of Percussion Collegiate Solo Marimba Competition. In addition to these honors, he was selected as a semi-finalist in the Great Plains International Marimba Competition in both 2014 and 2017.

Mr. Clayson is an Innovative Percussion Artist and a member of the Blackswamp Percussion Educator Network. His compositions are available through C-Alan Publications, Excelcia Music Publishing, Row-Loff Productions, Studio 4 Music, and Tapspace Publications.

Works by Robert Clayson

  • Fever Dream

    An advanced concert percussion ensemble for 10-11 players.
    • Level: Advanced/Grade VI
    • Players: 10-11
    • Length: 5:30

    Instrumentation: Bells, Xylophone, Crotales, (2) 4-octave Marimbas, Vibes, Congas, Bongos, (4) Concert Toms, Gong, Suspended Cymbal, Tambourine, Ride Cymbal, Hi-Hat, Splash Cymbal, (2) Temple Blocks (Wood Blocks), Snare Drum, Kick Drum

  • Marimba Miniatures

    11 Short Pieces for Solo Marimba This collection of “marimba miniatures” comprises a range of moods, tempos and rhythmic challenges, making it both a versatile pedagogical tool for teachers, as well as an engaging challenge for novice players who have [...]
    • Party at the Old Clock Tower

      Easy Concert Percussion Ensemble
      • Level: Easy/Grade II
      • Players: 10-11
      • Length: 2:42
      • State Lists: Texas

      Instrumentation: Bells, Xylophone, Marimba (4 octave), Vibraphone, (2) Timpani, Snare Drum, Bass Drum, Suspended Cymbal, Headed Tambourine, (2) Wood Blocks, (2) Concert Toms

    • Pitter PADder

      A quartet for (4) practice pads
      • Level: Easy-Medium/Grade III
      • Players: 4
      • Length: 4:00

      Instrumentation: (4) Practice Pads

    • Slam Jams

      (3) Warm-Ups, (3) Stand Grooves, (5) Street Beats & (2) Cadences for the intermediate drumline. Includes parts for 3, 4 or 5 Bass Drums. Downloadable audio available with the package. Warm-Ups are recorded at multiple tempos.
      • Level: Medium/Grade IV

      Instrumentation: Snares, Tenors, Cymbals, 3, 4 or 5 Bass Drums. Audio Download Available with purchase of the package. Audio examples are contained in one streaming Audio File:

      • Warm-Up 1 - Hand to Hand Transitions
      • Warm-Up 2 - 16th Note Rhythms
      • Warm-Up 3 - Accent Tap
      • Stand Groove 1 - Between The Hash
      • Stand Groove 2 - Omaha
      • Stand Groove 3 - Chew Clock
      • Street Beat 1 - Easy Street
      • Street Beat 2 - At the Stake
      • Street Beat 3 - Monkey Beat
      • Street Beat 4 - Wrong Road
      • Street Beat 5 - ATT
      • Cadence 1 - Alfalfa Cove
      • Cadence 2 - Yo Yo Man