SleeplessItem: 13CS5


Level: Medium-Advanced/Grade V
Players: 11-12
Length: 6:24
State Lists: Texas
Instrumentation: Bells, Xylophone, Vibes, (4) Marimbas (two 4 octave, one 4 1/3 octave, one 5 octave - 5 octave Marimba may be substituted with Bass Guitar), (4) Chinese Toms (may substitute (2) Bongos & (2) Congas or (4) Concert Toms), Big Chinese Drum or Flower Pot Drum (may substitute Large Floor Tom or Small Horizontal Bass Drum), Medium Pair of Chinese Cymbals (may substitute small pair of Crash Cymbals, 12" - 14"), Large Pair of Chinese Cymbals (may substitute a mismatched pair of China/Pang Cymbals), Suspended Cymbal, Triangle, Egg Shaker, Wind Chimes

Score & Parts Included!

Medium-Advanced Concert Ensemble

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