The Drummer’s Rudimental Reference BookItem: 1007


Must have for the private instructor and band director.

Dr. Wooton is the director of Percussion Studies, University of Southern Mississippi and former Percussion Caption Head for the Phantom Regiment Drum & Bugle Corps

This book is packed full of lessons and exercises. Neatly organized into 41 different sections, this book covers rudiments, one-handed exercises, stick control, timing, relaxation, odd-groupings, back sticking, & tenor drumming.

Comments about “The Drummer’s Rudimental Reference Book”

“This book can be used for beginners as well as advanced rudimental performers. It can also be used for individual and ensemble situations. Superior performance can be obtained if this book is used properly. I highly recommend it to any teacher and student at any level.”

Marty Hurley – Phantom Regiment Drum & Bugle Corps

“John Wooton’s book, The Drummer’s Rudimental Reference Book, is an excellent collection of exercises to develop the author’s five stroke method. The text contains detailed explanations for the production of each stroke and graduated exercises for their application. The exercises are medium to difficult and can be used with either individuals or a drumline. (My students particularly enjoy the flam rudiments.) This book is a necessity for every serious drummer”

Dr. Robert Schietroma – Coordinator of Percussion, University of North Texas

“John Wooton’s Rudimental Reference Book is packed with intuitive exercises that should assist drummers young and old in solving the problems of correct rudimental execution. If teachers and students will follow this method to the letter, it could become the definitive rudimental technique book of our time.”

Thomas L. Davis – Percussion and Jazz Studies, University of Iowa

“Finally someone has written the quintessential rudiment/snare drum manual! This book is so good and so thorough it should be a manditory item in every drummer’s library.”

Dennis DeLucia – D.C.I. Hall of Fame

“The most comprehensive set of exercise patterns since George Lawrence Stones Stick Control.”

Fred Sanford – Yamaha Marching Percussion Clinician

“A clear organized reference book for any player, any type of drumming. A contemporary fun approach to fundamental hand sticking patterns. Inspiring to practice! Also great feel exercises!”

Dom Famularo – Drum Set Clinician for Tama Drums and Sabian Cymbals

“This long needed reference guide truly fills a void for today’s rudimental drummers.”

Jay Wannamaker – Director of Marketing, Yamaha Corporation – Band & Orchestra Division

“…an excellent supplement for someone looking to develop his or her technique. The exercises presented are quite challenging, and are geared more for intermediate to advanced players. The material here would be especially appealing to drum corps aficionados, college-level students, or anyone desiring to build up his or her chops.”

Modern Drummer Magazine

“This is it! This text is the best ever written for teaching the rudiments and will soon be on every serious drummer’s shelf. I commend John Wooton for putting together a text that we have needed for a long time… Bravo!”

Jim Chapin – Author, Teacher, Drum Set Artist