Quattro Of Trios
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by Chris Brooks and Chris Crockarell
Level: Easy/Grade II     Players: 3     Length: 6:06    
A Collection of 4 Grade II Percussion Trios

A Tres of Bells (1:40)
It's About Tom(1:27)
Caught In A Snare (1:34)
Bucket Brawl (1:25)


A Tres of Bells (1:40) - (3) Bell Kits

It's About Tom (1:27) - (3) Toms (pitched high, medium & low)

Caught in a Snare (1:34) - (3) Snare Drums (pitched high, medium & low)

Bucket Brawl (1:25) - (3) Five Gallon Plastic Buckets

All ensembles can be adapted for multiples of three.
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